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The Secretariat of the FEAP is located in Liege (Belgium) and is staffed by:

  • Courtney Hough - General Secretary
  • Catherine Pons - Office Manager
  • Maurine Toussaint - Communications Assistant

General SecretariatFEAP_qrcode.png

Rue de Paris, 9
B-4020 Liege

Tel: +32 (0)4 3382995
Fax: +32 (0)4 3379846

Legal Address of the FEAP

Rue Blaise Pascal, 160
F-33127 Saint-Jean-d’Illac

FEAP is a Foreign Association, declared in France, and authorised by the Ministry of the Interior in the Offical Journal of 19/06/1969, with a Prefecture dossier No. 018051 P





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The FEAP offices in Liège, Belgium