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As with all Federations, the main decision-making body is the Assembly that is composed of representatives of the Member Associations. This allows for transparency and a democratic process for all FEAP actions. 

The Federation is administered by a Management Committee which is composed of the President and Vice-Presidents of  the FEAP (who are elected by the General Assembly), assisted by the General Secretary and the immediate Past-President, Mr. Arnault Chaperon.

The present office-holders of the FEAP are:

  • President - Mr. Marco Gilmozzi (Italy) 
  • Vice- Presidents - Mr. Gustavo Larrazábal (Spain) - Mr. Paul Birger Torgnes (Norway) - Mr. Bernhard Feneis (Germany) - Mrs. Lara Barazi (Greece)
  • Past President - Mr. Arnault Chaperon (France)
  • General Secretary - Mr. Courtney Hough

The FEAP Secretariat is sited in Liège and is staffed by Mr. Courtney Hough (General Secretary), Ms. Catherine Pons (Office Manager) and Ms. Maurine Toussaint (Communication)

The issues affecting European aquaculture are presented and discussed within specific Commission meetings, held at each FEAP Assembly, that cover the following major subjects:

  • Salmon, Large Trout & Cod Commission - Chair: Mr. Sveinung Sandvik (Norway)
  • Freshwater Fish Commission - Chair: Mr. Michal Kratochvil (Czech Republic)
  • Sturgeon Commission - Chair: Mr Mario Pazzaglia (Italy)
  • Mediterranean Aquaculture Commission - Chair: Mr. Philippe Riera (France)
  • Fish Health Commission - Chair: Mr. Pier Antonio Salvador (Italy)
  • Environment Commission - Chair: Mr. Jean-Yves Colleter (France)
  • Communication Commission - Chair: Mr. Trond Davidsen (Norway)

Specific issues of importance to the sector are addressed within the appropriate Commission which may decide to prepare a Resolution on the topic.

Such Resolutions are presented to the Assembly for decision. If a positive vote is obtained, the Resolutions are sent by the FEAP to the Commission of the EU and other bodies of importance and are disseminated further by the National Associations.

FEAP Network  

To achieve its objectives, FEAP works with formal and informal, principally European, networks. Its links to both FAO and IUCN give global aspects to the network.


FEAP President Marco Gilmozzi