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The Member Associations of the FEAP provide historical production data for the activities of their national producers on an annual basis. In addition, where possible, forecasts for the coming year are also indicated, based on their own individual reporting systems.The FEAP Secretariat groups this information into European and National reports on production that are published here. The information and figures used for the preparation of this report have been provided, for the most part, by the Member Associations of the FEAP while additional data has been sourced from National statistical offices and/or other national sources.

For further statistical information on aquaculture production and values, the FAO provides a wide range of data for global aquaculture and fisheries statistics (FISHSTAT) while Globefish, another initiative of the FAO, represents a network of regional marketing information services that provides data on markets and prices. European trade data can be accessed through EUMOFA – the European Market Observatory for Fisheries and Aquaculture Products (see and EUROSTAT.

This FEAP Production report is split up in 3 sections, PRODUCTION BY REGION, BY COUNTRY and BY SPECIES covering the period 2008-2016:

1.      Production by Region ·        

  • Total European production (including EU and non EU countries)
  • EU State production
  • Non-EU (European State) production

2.      Production by Country, covering ·

 Austria  Iceland 
 Croatia Ireland
 Cyprus Italy
 Czech Republic Netherlands 
 Denmark Norway 
 Faroe Islands Poland 
 Finland Portugal 
 France Spain 
 Germany Sweden 
 Greece Turkey 
 Hungary United Kingdom
  • Countries with a total production <1000 tons have not been included
  • Figures in red indicate that updated data are not yet available and figures identical to previous year(s) have been included so as to provide estimates.

3.      Production by species

This FEAP Production report includes data on the following species reared in European aquaculture

  • Atlantic salmon
  • Large (>1.2 kg) and portion-size (<1.2 kg) rainbow trout
  • Arctic char, halibut and cod
  • Common carp and other cyprinid species
  • Catfish species
  • Eel, sturgeon and caviar
  • Sea bass
  • Sea bream
  • Sea bass, sea bream juveniles
  • Turbot, sole and meagre

Production data for tuna and some freshwater species (perch, pike-perch, Northern pike) have not been included due to the current lack of reliable data.

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Production Report 2017  Download (3,244864 Mb)
FEAP Production Report 2017 covering European fish farming from 2008-2016

The updated production data (tons) by region, country & by species, published for the period 2008-2016