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Global fish feed production

The rapid growth of finfish and crustacean aquaculture has partly been due to the availability and on-farm provision of feed inputs within the major producing countries. More than 46% of the total global aquaculture production (2008 data, FAO) is dependent on the supply of external feed inputs provided in the form of fresh feeds, farm-made feeds or commercially manufactured feeds.

Total industrial compound aquafeed production increased more than 3-fold, from 7,6 million tons in 1995 to 29,2 million tons in 2008, with production growing at an average rate of 11% per year.

The paper by Tacon, Hasan & Metian (FAO, 2011) - Demand and supply of feed ingredients for farmed fish and crustaceans: trends and prospects - reviews the dietary feeding practices employed for the production of the major cultured species, the total global production and market availability of the major feed ingredient sources used and the major constraints to feed ingredient usage.

Sustainable Aquafeeds

The review article Sustainable aquafeeds, as published in the latest FEAP Annual report, looks at the big EU project 'ARRAINA', the upcoming trend of using insects as a new and valuable protein source, and finally at the use of algae and trangsenic plants as possible alternative materials. 

The presentation Feed formulation & resources explains how sustainable feed supply relies on sustainable raw materials

A new resource for aquaculture feed producers, entitled Feed ingredients in aquaculture, has been published by the EU-funded ARRAINA (Advanced Research Initiatives for Nutrition & Aquaculture) project (June 2015).

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Demand and supply of feed ingredients for farmed fish and crustaceans: trends and prospects  Download (3,154871 Mb)
FAO Fisheries & aquaculture technical paper, n564, 2011
Feed ingredients in aquaculture  Download (2,602317 Mb)
Arraina technical booklet
Sustainable aquafeeds  Download (244,989 kb)
A review - extract from FEAP Annual report 2015

The aquaculture feed industry has worked consistently and successfully to improve efficiencies and sustainability