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The main advisory role of the FEAP is to provide key positions and documentation on European issues and legislative developments for consultation, using its dedicated Commissions and Working Groups. These are composed of experts from or nominated by the FEAP Member Associations. In this respect, FEAP is able to fulfil a wide range of consultative positions, including the following:

  • Following the end of the Advisory Committee of Fisheries and Aquaculture (ACFA) mid 2013 and within the requirements of the new CFP, an Advisory Council on Aquaculture (AAC) will be created. The main difference is that it has to be created and managed by stakeholders where the ACFA was operated and managed by the Commission. It will be an advisory body tasked with addressing the concerns of the sector and providing responses and recommendations on matters that affect the entire production sector (freshwater, marine, shellfish aquaculture, etc.) and the other components of the value chain. FEAP is member of the 'Interim Executive Committee (ExCom)'  that will prepare the documents needed for an Advisory Council proposal, which needs to be approved both by the Commission and the Member States who have interests in aquaculture. First meeting planned september 2014.
  • Liaison status with the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), notably for interaction with
FEAP provides key positions and documentation on European aquaculture issues and legislative developments