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Animal Health law

Please consult following website to get access to the animal health law DIR2006/88. This one is currently under revision and being updated to be published in the course of 2013.

FEAP is a stakeholder of the Animal Health Advisory Committee (AHAC), the working group of the Advisory Group on the Food Chain, Animal and Plant Health of DG Sanco. 

Read all on the 'New Animal Health Strategy' for the EU where 'prevention is better than cure'

Veterinary medecines

The attached list of medecines shows what products are allowed for veterinary use, including aquaculture.

With the current list, the availability of veterinary medicines to fish farmers in the EU is insufficient to meet the industry’s needs. The health and welfare of millions of fish are thus potentially placed at risk. There is a lack of specific veterinary medicines resulting in too many fish species and fish diseases that cannot be treated satisfactorily.
This point has been highlighted several times by FEAP via position papers and in discussions in the ACFA working group on aquaculture.
The list is currently under review considering also the needs of the aquaculture sector.

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veterinary medecines  Download (330,676 kb)
list licenced medecines

vaccination by immersion of seabass juveniles
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