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FEAP has now published its latest Annual Report (June 2016) covering the activities and actions of the Federation. As for each year, this edition also gives a comprehensive overview of European fish farming and reports on the issues affecting its development. Several case studies provide reference points, showing how the sector can react and develop and provides profiles on several young fish farmers.

The report highlights different issues that relect the needs and concerns of the profession, combining technical, legislative and strategic topics, each of which affects how European fish farming can develop in the most sustainable way, including economic, environmental and social considerations. This includes progress on the constitution of the Aquaculture Advisory Council.  

This year, particular focus is given to Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture and several international projects of interest, notably how to respond to climate change (Climefish), rules and procedures for organic aquaculture (Oraqua), data management and analysis (FindIT) and selective breeding for improving production performance (FishBoost).

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FEAP's 2016 annual report is now published - giving an overview of European fish farming and the issues affecting its development

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