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FINEFISH - Improving sustainability of European aquaculture by control of malformations

The project aimed to generate new practical knowledge on how to reduce the incidence of malformations in the major fish species used in European aquaculture production and to apply this to the professional sector. The project started in 2005 and ended in 2008.

A hard copy of the manual, high definition version is available at the FEAP Secretariat. It can also be downloaded via the enclosed pdf documents

Manual on Control of Malformations in Fish Aquaculture

Table of Contents

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  1. Introduction & Background
  2. Diagnostics
  3. Influence of temperature
  4. Influence of abiotic factors
  5. Influence of nutrition
  6. Methodologies
  7. Best Management Practice
  8. FineFish partners



This 3 year project - Improvement and innovation of AQUAculture Effluent TREATment technology - was funded by the EC within the 6th Framework Programme.

The AquaEtreat Manual on effluent treatment in aquaculture: science and practice', describes the results of this project.

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