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Learning about European aquaculture - see the video

The Farmed in the EU school project has been designed to raise the students’ awareness of the aquaculture sector, particularly in their community, and help them explore issues related to food production, the environment, and the different business and career opportunities aquaculture offers.

The diverse nature of the sector means there is plenty of scope for student research and discovery of the different marine and freshwater fish, molluscs, crustaceans and algae which are produced and the different traditional and more modern production methods used.

Farmed in the EU is part of the European Commission’s Inseparable initiative, which aims to highlight the benefits of eating, buying and selling sustainable seafood products.

Are you an EU teacher interested in developing a school project about aquaculture, please download the booklet available in CS DE  EL  EN  ES  FR  HU  IT  PL

Are you an EU Fish Farmer that would volunteer to visit or welcome schools, please contact the Feap Secretariat or the DG Mare/communication services

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FARMED IN THE EU  new promotion video

Looking for sustainable options?

Try fish farmed in the EU

Fish farming, also referred to as aquaculture, includes the cultivation of freshwater and marine animals, as well as, different types of algae. Practised across Europe, it produces many species of fish, shellfish, crustaceans and algae using a range of different farming methods including traditional ones such as ropes, nets, and tanks, or more sophisticated ones like water recirculation systems. Around half of the EU's production is shellfish, with mussels and oysters being the most popular, whilst marine fish such as salmon, seabream and seabass, make up about another quarter of production. and Freshwater fish such as trout and carp make up about another fifth.



25/08/14: Facts & figures

11/04: Release of a second video as part of the INSEPARABLE campaign:

From Sea to Plate:

Commissioner Damanaki to launch new 'INSEPARABLE' campaign to promote sustainable fishing across Europe. 

The overall objective of the new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) is to make fishing sustainable. This message is taken up as the core principle of the Inseparable campaign which provides practical information to European consumers and other market actors on how they can eat, buy, and sell sustainable fish.

We can all make a difference. Even one small step – to eat, buy, or sell a sustainable seafood product – will help to ensure our children and future generations will have the same love story we have with our fish today.

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