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ARRAINA stands for "Advanced Research Initiatives for Nutrition & Aquaculture"

The latest news and results of the Arraina project:  ‘Towards sustainable use of feed based on alternative ingredients’ can be found in a new online Newsletter

Summary of ARRAINA work

Project coordinator Sachi Kaushik

Progress made within ARRAINA are indeed remarkable and tangible. Exploitable predictive biomarkers have been developed as part of project activities in Work Package (WP)1; novel data on nutrient requirements have been obtained as part of WP3; nutrient delivery vectors to modify egg composition or to supply specific micronutrients to first feeding larvae in WP2; long-term growth studies undertaken with all the five species as part of WP4; tools to assess environmental impacts in WP5 and progress in demonstrating the concept of nutritional programming in WP6.

Data from all these studies have been or being disseminated through publications ( ), in international meetings such as Aquaculture Europe 2015 at Rotterdam or in the Bioeconomy Investment Summit, 9-10 november in Brussels (  ).

In order to demonstrate the efficacy of data generated, a proof of concept wlll be made by SME partners within Arraina. The objective of this project is to provide a service based on a defined set of molecular biomarkers together with waste output prediction model to be used as a fast-profiler for long-term prediction of fish performance and waste output.

The recent newsletter covers:

  1. Biomarker discovery and validation in fish nutrition by Jaume Pérez-Sánchez- CSIC

  2. Relation nutritional value and micronutrients in plant based feed by Gro-Ingunn Hemre- NIFES

  3. Successful production of broodstock on diets based largely on plant meals and vegetable oils by Douglas Tocher

  4. Effects of alternative feeds on waste production and management by Eleni Foudoulaki

  5. New data for the metabolism of juvelines related to nutritional stimuli by Stephane Panserat

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