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The 48th Annual Meeting of FEAP was held in Warsaw, Poland on 27-28 May 2016 and was hosted by the Polish Trout Breeders Association (PTBA). The meeting was opened by a welcome speech from the Polish Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, followed by an introduction to the meeting by the FEAP President, Arnault Chaperon and the PTBA President, Jacek Juchniewicz.

The first part of the meeting consisted on a review of the state of fish farming in Europe, and an update on European Affairs, notably on the development of the Aquaculture Advisory council, the state of the national Strategic Plans for aquaculture, but also on the future of young generations in the business.

A full session was dedicated to Fish Health, with a presentation of the FVO reports made around Europe during the last year, and a group work on activities such as Veterinary Medicines, Medicated Feeds, Antimicrobial resistance and chemical treatments.

Discussion on licensing and other environmental issues took place and the EU research projects in which FEAP is involved were also presented.

The next meeting of the FEAP will be in Brussels in late October/early November 2016, held alongside the annual event ‘Aquaculture in Motion’. (date tbc)