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The Scientific,Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) of the European Commission produces a yearly report on the economic performance of the EU Aquaculture Sector that can be viewed & downloaded from the following web page: - report 2016

The European Commission publication Facts & figures on the CFP has a chapter on aquaculture, discussing not only production volumes in each member state but also data on value of production are presented per Member State and per species.

The same document has a chapter on employment in the fisheries and marine aquaculture sector showing people employed in these sectors per member state. Also the processing chapter discusses employment, however without making a distinction between fisheries and aquaculture.

The EATIP vision document, 'The Future of European Aquaculture', prepared June 2012, presents growth forecasts for the production of Mediterranean, coldwater, freshwater and shellfish species, including value and job creation up to 2030.

Finally, data on the State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture - SOFIA - can be found on the FAO website - follow the link for the latest edition of this document.

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Facts&Figures on the CFP  Download (9,347210 Mb)
chapter 7 on aquaculture and chapter 4 on employment provide data on production values and employment in the marine aquaculture sector resp.
SOFIA  Download (8,603381 Mb)
State of World Fisheries & Aquaculture - FAO - 2014

This document summarises EATIP's Vision and Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda