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NEW PROJECTS - FP 7 with FEAP involvement

FINDIT - A cutting edge platform for data management and analysis to assist European fish aquaculture in its development towards higher performance and competitiveness.

TRAFOON - Traditional Food Network to improve the transfer of knowledge for innovation

ORAQUA – European Organic Aquaculture – Science based recommendations for further development of the EU regulatory framework and to underpin future growth in the sector

FISHBOOST - Boosting European aquaculture by advancing selective breeding to the next level


In order to reinforce the research and innovation processes that are required within a modern and developing Europe, the European aquaculture sector has established the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATiP).

A statutory goal of the EATiP is to develop measures and structures that will improve the research, development and innovation conditions so as to support the sustainable development of European aquaculture.

The activities of EATiP will provide the foundations for technical and economic excellence which will be the basis of the leadership potential of European aquaculture at the global level.

FEAP is a founder member of this Technology Platform and supplies the Secretariat that coordinates EATiP activities.

Through the ‘Aquainnova’ EU FP7 project, EATiP has coordinated the preparation and consultation of a range of Vision documents and SRIA proposals for the different Thematic Areas that comprise the value-chain of European aquaculture.

Following a comprehensive consultation phase, the complete documents, accompanied by EATIP’s consensus view on European aquaculture’s development, have recently been published: 'The future of European Aquaculture - our vision: A Strategic Agenda for Research & Innovation' . The document provides a comprehensive position on how European aquaculture can develop during the next 20 years. Although forecasting is always a risky business, the combination of recognised expertise – drawn from industry, research, representative and administrative sectors – and widespread consultation actions have contributed to in-depth analysis and forecasting, providing a valuable base for recommendations for progress.

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FEAP has been active in both promoting and participating in research projects thatl contribute to innovation and development of the European fish farming sector. With more than 20 projects achieved in the last decade, FEAP has worked primarily in projects relating to cooperative research (involving SMEs), training and skill development, communication and dissemination actions and networked workshops.

Overview of projects in which FEAP was involved:


The European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATiP) has been recognised as European Technology Platform (ETP) and will be in the publicly available list of recognised ETPs on the European Commission's ETP website.