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FEAP is actively involved in sectoral discussions on aquaculture as well as broader issues that affect the profession. FEAP representatives also participate in appropriate conferences, workshops and project meetings where aquaculture is a focal point.

In 2015, FEAP representatives participated in:

  • EU Presidency, Commission and Parliament meetings related to aquaculture
  • EC workshops on Advisory councils and technology platforms
  • Animal Health Advisory Committee (AHAC) meetings
  • Joint meetings with FVE (Federation Veterinarians Europe), FEFAC (European Feed Manufacturer’s Federation)
  • Committee of the Regions stakeholders consultation on the future of aquaculture
  • Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) meetings on FEED and SEAFOOD
  • FindIT project meetings Athens & Rome
  • COFASP workshop Rome
  • 'Trafoon' annual meeting, Athens, Greece
  • Sturgeon Producers’ meeting at ESE Brussels
  • BioEconomy Panel of the European Commission
  • EATiP AGM – Brussels
  • 'Oraqua' meeting – Rotterdam
  • EAS-EATiP panel discussion – welfare and losses during the production cycle, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Aquaculture in Motion – Annual FEAP event, Brussels
  • Conference on fitness check of EU nature legislation, Brussels
  • Aquaculture conferences
    • “Aquaculture in Europe: a model for the future" at the Expo Milan 2015.
    • Genetics in Aquaculture conference - Santiago de Compostela, Spain
    • International Carp Conference, Vodòany, Czech Republic
    • Aquaculture Europe 2015,  Rotterdam, The Netherlands